Sunday, 23 December 2012

December 22: Top 10 Current Affairs

1. Egyptians have voted in the second and final round of referendum over the new constitution today.

2. Delhi Airport has become the first airport in the world to secure Business Software Alliance (BSA) certification in Software Asset Management (SAM) for Organisations, safeguarding itself from IT-related threats.

3. US President Barack Obama has nominated veteran Senator John Kerry, as the next Secretary of State, replacing Hillary Clinton.

4. The Obama administration has appointed yet another Indian-American to a key administrative post naming Smita Singh as member of the president's Global Development Council.

5. The second seed India's P V Sindhu has entered into finals of ongoing International India Granda Prix Gold Badminton Championship in Lucknow today. In women's single category semi finals, Sindhu defeated Thailand's Sapsiree Taerattanachai by 21-12 and 21-14.

6. The lower house of Russian Parliament has given its final approval to a proposed ban on the adoption of Russian children by American citizens, drawing a sharp response from the United States.

7. Scientists have discovered 33 new trapdoor spider species in Southwest America belonging to the genus that includes a notable species named after US President Barack Obama.

8. Indian-American Rangaswamy Srinivasan, a renowned inventor at IBM, has been nominated by the US President Barack Obama for the prestigious National Medal of Technology for Innovation.

9. In a rare surgery, doctors from Jehangir Hospital in Pune successfully created a new bladder on a two-year-old girl from Yemen.

10. In Uttar Pradesh, a wheel forging f
actory will be set up by Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd in Rae Bareli.


1. If you drop a whole egg on the floor, pour salt all over the egg, let it sit for awhile, then use dustpan, the egg will come right up, without all that mess.

2. Soak stained hankies in salt water befo
re washing.

3. Sprinkle salt on your shelves to keep ants away.

4. Soak fish in salt water before descaling; the scales will come off easier.

5. Put a few grains of rice in your saltshaker for easier pouring.

6. Add salt to green salads to prevent wilting.

7. Test the freshness of eggs in a cup of salt water; fresh eggs sink;bad ones float.

8. Add a little salt to your boiling water when cooking eggs; a cracked egg will stay in its shell this way.

9. A tiny pinch of salt with egg whites makes them beat up fluffier.

10. Soak wrinkled apples in a mildly salted water solution to perk them up.

11. Rub salt on your pancake griddle and your flapjacks won't stick.

12. Soak toothbrushes in salt water before you first use them; they will last longer.

13. Use salt to clean your discolored coffee pot.

14. Mix salt with turpentine to whiten you bathtub and toilet bowl. 

Benefits of Water Therapy

Relief from stress, weight loss, glowing skin, feeling fresh and energetic throughout the day and good digestion are some of the major benefits of water therapy. Have a look at some of the comments below made by people after trying water therapy.

Water therapy is really wonderfully beneficial. So much that people who have not practiced this can't even imagine. It makes your body thoroughly clean and pure from inside and outside. I recommend that everybody should start practicing water therapy to keep tremendously fit and disease free.

About Water Therapy

It is popular in Japan and India today to drink water immediately after waking up every morning. Furthermore, scientific tests have proven its value.

They publish below a description of use of water in water therapy for their readers. For old and serious diseases as well as modern illnesses, the water therapy treatment had been found successful by a Japanese medical society as a hundred percent cure for the following diseases

Body Ache
Heart System
Fast Heart Beat
Kidney and Urine diseases
Vomiting gastritis
All Eye Diseases
Menstrual Disorders
Ear Nose
Throat Diseases

Water Therapy - - Method of Treatment

1. As you wake up in the morning before brushing teeth, drink 4-6 glasses of water each of 160 ml.
2. Brush and clean the mouth but do not eat or drink anything for 45 minutes.
3. After 45 minutes you may eat and drink as normal.
4. After 15 minutes of breakfast, lunch and dinner do not eat or drink anything for two hours.
5. Those who are old or sick and are unable to drink four glasses of water at the beginning may commence by taking little water and gradually increase it to four glasses per day.
6. The above method of treatment will cure diseases of the sick and others can enjoy a healthy life.
The following list gives the number of days of treatment required to cure main diseases:
1. High Blood Pressure - 30 days
2. Gastric - 10 days
3. Diabetes - 30 days
4. Constipation - 10 days
5. TB - 90 days
Arthritis patients should follow the above treatment for only 3 days in the first week to be followed by daily treatment. This treatment method has no side effects, however at the commencement of treatment you may have to urinate a few times.

December 23: Top 10 Current Affairs

1. Master blaster Sachin Tendular has announced his retirement from the One day international cricket format. Tendulkar goes out after amassing 18,426 runs in 463 one-dayers at an average of 44.83.

2. The Delhi High Court has directed day-to-day trial in all sexual assault cases against women being heard by lower courts.

3. Top Cops from 45 police commissionerate­s had unanimously resolved to urge the government for the implementation of Padamanabhaiah committee and Soli Sorabji Committee’s recommendations­ on the police commissionerate­ system in urban areas.

4. South Korean officials say North Korea's recent rocket launch shows it has the ability to fire a rocket more than 10,000 kilometers. The estimate, which would potentially put the Western United States in range, was based on an analysis of rocket debris.

5. In Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood has claimed that 64 per cent votes have been cast in the favour of the new constitution in the two rounds of referendum. The voter turnout has been reported to be around 30 percent.

6. Pakistanis is mourning the death of anti-Taliban politician Bashir Ahmad Bilour. He was killed in a suicide bombing in Peshawar yesterday.

7. India's P Kashyap has lifted the Men's Singles Title of Sayed Modi International Grand Prix Gold Badminton Tournament in Lucknow today. In the women's singles finals, India's second seeded shuttler P V Sindhu lost to the Indonesia's seven seeded Lyndaveni Fanetri by 15-21, 21-18, 18-21.

8. China has successfully conducted test run of the world's longest 2,298-km long Beijing- Guangzhou high-speed railway, ahead of its formal launch.

9. India has emerged the world’s largest rice exporter, displacing Thailand from its leadership position, with rice exports in marketing year 2011/­12 (October-September) placed at a record 10.4 million tonnes.

10. An Assocham survey said that the $100 billion Tata Group is perceived to be India's best-known global brand within and outside the country

Biggest Highest Largest Longest in the World

Biggest Highest Largest Longest in the World

Biggest Highest Largest Longest in the World
Animal, Tallest Giraffe
Archipelago Largest Indonesia
Bird, Fastest Swift
Bird, Largest Ostrich
Bird, Smallest Humming Bird
Bridge, Longest Railway Huey P.Long Bridge, Louisiana (U.S.A.)
Building, Tallest in the world Teipei 101, Taiwan
Canal, Longest Irrigational The Kalakumsky canal
Canal, Longest Suez canal
Capital, Highest La Paz (Bolivia)
City, Biggest in area Mount Isa (Australia)
City, Largest in population Tokyo
City, Costliest Tokyo
City, Highest Van Chuan (China)
Continent, Largest Asia
Continent, Smallest Australia
Country, Biggest (Area) Russia
Country, Largest (population) China
Country, Largest (electorate) India
Creature, Largest Blue Whale
Delta, Largest Sunderban (Bangladesh & India)
Desert, Largest (World) Sahara (Africa)
Desert, Largest (Asia) Gobi
Dam, Largest Grand Coulee Dam (U.S.A.)
Dam, Highest Hoover Dam (U.S.A.)
Diamond, Largest The Cullinan
Dome, Largest Astrodome, in Housten (U.S.A.)
Epic, Largest Mahabharat
Irrigation Scheme, Largest Lloyd Barrage, Sukkhur (Pakistan)
Island, Largest Greenland
Sea, Largest Mediterranean Sea
Lake, Deepest Baikal (Siberia)
Lake, Largest (Artificial) Lake Mead (Boulder Dam)
Lake, Highest Titicaca (Bolivia)
Lake, Largest (Fresh Water) Superior
Lake, Largest (Salt water) Caspian
Library, Largest United States Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
Mountain Peak, Highest Everest (Nepal)
Mountain Range, Longest Andes (S. America)
Museum, Largest British Museum, London
Ocean, Largest Pacific
Palace, Biggest Vatican (Italy)
Park, Largest Yellow Stone National Park (U.S.A.)
Peninsula, Largest Arabia
Place, Coldest (Habitated) Verkhoyansk (Siberia)
Place, Dryest Iqique (in Atacama Desert, Chile)
Place, Hottest Azizia (Libya, Africa)
Place, Rainiest Mausinram (Meghalaya, India)
Planet, Biggest Jupiter
Planet, Brightest Venus
Planet, Smallest Pluto
Plateau, Highest Pamir (Tibet)
Platform, Longest Kharagpur (India)
Railway, Longest Trans-Siberian railway
Railway Station, Largest Grand Central Terminal, Chicago (U.S.A.)
River, Longest Nile (Africa)
River, Largest Amazon (S. America)
Sea-bird, Largest Albatross
Star, Brightest Sirius
Statue, Tallest Statue of Motherland, Volgagrad (Russia)
Telescope, Largest Radio New Mexico (U.S.A.)
Tramway, World's first New York
Tunnel, Longest (Railway) Tanna (Japan)
Tunnel, Longest (road) Mont Blanc Tunnel between France and Italy
Volcano, Highest Ojos del Salado (Andes, Ecuador)
Volcano, Most Active Maunaloa (Hawaii - U.S.A.)
Wall, Longest Great Wall of China
Waterfall, Highest Angel (Venezuela)
Water, Lowest Body Dead Sea
Zoo, Largest Kruger National Park, South Africa

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Bugatti Veyron Super Sports

Price ($2,400,000).

This is by far the most expensive street legal car available on the market today (the base Veyron costs $1,700,000). It is the fastest accelerating car reaching 0-60 in 2.5 seconds. It is also the fastest street legal car when tested again on July 10, 2010 with the 2010 Super Sport Version reaching a top speed of 267 mph. When competing againstthe Bugatti Veyron, you better be prepared

Thursday, 13 December 2012


Water Bridge in Germany

Water Bridge in Germany... 
What a feat! Six years, 500 million euros, 918 meters this is engineering! This is a channel-bridge over the River Elbe and joins the former East and West Germany, as part of the unification project
. It is located in the city of Magdeburg, near Berlin. Taking six years to build and costing around half a billion euros, the massive undertaking will connect Berlin's inland harbor with the ports along the Rhine river. At the center of the project is Europe's longest water bridge measuring in just shy of a kilometer at 918 meters. The huge tub to transport ships over the Elbe took 24,000 metric tons of steel and 68,000 cubic meters of concrete to build. The water bridge will enable river barges to avoid a lengthy and sometimes unreliable passage along the Elbe. Shipping can often come to a halt on the stretch if the river's water mark falls to unacceptably low levels.

Must Read & Must Share It Please

Must Read & Must Share It Please

It is popular in Japan today to drink water immediately after waking up every morning.

Furthermore, scientific tests have proven its value. We publish below a description of use of water for our readers.

For old and serious diseases as well as modern illnesses the water treatment had been found successful by a Japanese medical society as a 100% cure for the following diseases:

Headache, body ache, heart system, arthritis, fast heart beat, epilepsy, excess fatness, bronchitis asthma, TB, meningitis, kidney and urine diseases, vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, piles, diabetes, constipation, all eye diseases, womb, cancer and menstrual disorders,
ear nose and throat diseases.


1. As you wake up in the morning before brushing teeth, drink 4 x 160ml glasses of water

2. Brush and clean the mouth but do not eat or drink anything for 45 minute

3.. After 45 minutes you may eat and drink as normal.

4. After 15 minutes of breakfast, lunch and dinner do not eat or drink anything for 2 hours

5. Those who are old or sick and are unable to drink 4 glasses of water at the beginning may commence by taking little water and gradually increase it to 4 glasses per day.

6. The above method of treatment will cure diseases of the sick and others can enjoy a healthy life.

The following list gives the number of days of treatment required to cure/control/­reduce main diseases:

1. High Blood Pressure (30 days)

2. Gastric (10 days)

3. Diabetes (30 days)

4. Constipation (10 days)

5. Cancer (180 days)

6. TB (90 days)

7. Arthritis patients should follow the above treatment only for 3 days in the 1st week, and from 2nd week onwards – daily..

This treatment method has no side effects, however at the commencement of treatment you may have to urinate a few times.
It is better if we continue this and make this procedure as a routine work in our life. Drink Water and Stay healthy and Active.
This makes sense .. The Chinese and Japanese drink hot tea with their meals ..not cold water. Maybe it is time we adopt their drinking habit while eating!!! Nothing to lose, everything to gain…
For those who like to drink cold water, this article is applicable to you.
It is nice to have a cup of cold drink after a meal. However, the cold water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. It will slow down the digestion.

Once this ‘sludge’ reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine.
Very soon, this will turn into fats and lead to cancer. It is best to drink hot soup or warm water after a meal.

December 13: Top 10 Current Affairs

December 13: Top 10 Current Affairs 

1. Telecom and IT Minister Kapil Sibal has said that the price of the Aakash tablet will soon come down to 1,900 rupees or 35 Dollars from the present 49 Dollars. The next version of the tablet will also have a Skype application for making voice calls using an Internet connection that does not necessarily require a SIM card.

2. The European Union fin
ance ministers have agreed to create a single body to oversee banks across the Eurozone. Under the plan the European Central Bank will supervise around two hundred of the Eurozone's biggest banks.

3. Forty Indian fishermen detained by Sri Lankan Navy have been released. They arrived at Rameswaram in Tamilnadu last evening. They were taken in custody on December 3rd off Nagapattinam and Karaikal coasts.

4. Nationwide Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is expected to be rolled out by February next year, which will allow users to retain their numbers even if they move from one state to another.

5. Late Sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar will be honoured with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously.

6. A team from the UN atomic watchdog led by chief inspector Herman Nackaerts has arrived in Tehran for talks with nuclear officials on Iran's controversial nuclear programme.

7. India have reached the final of Third World Cup Kabaddi tournament in both Men's and Women's sections.

8. Hubble astronomers have observed deeper into space than ever before. In doing so, they have identified six new galaxies of stars that formed just a few hundred million years after the Big Bang itself.

9. NASA scientists have spotted the longest extraterrestrial river system ever - on Saturn's moon Titan - and it appears to be a miniature version of Earth's Nile river.

10. Japan scrambled eight fighter jets today after a Chinese state-owned plane breached its airspace for the first time, over islands at the centre of a dispute between Tokyo and Beijing.

Variability of brain size and external topography.

Variability of brain size and external topography.

Photographs and weights of the brains of different species. Primates: 
Human (Homo sapiens, 1.176 kg)
Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes, 273 g)
Baboon (Papio cynocephalus, 151 g)
Mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx, 123 g)
Macaque (Macaca tonkeana, 110 g).

Bear (Ursus arctos, 289 g)
Lion (Panthera leo, 165 g)
Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus, 119 g)
Dog (Canis familiaris, 95 g)
Cat (Felis catus, 32 g).

Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis, 700 g)
Kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros, 166 g)
Mouflon (Ovis musimon, 118 g)
Ibex (Capra pyrenaica, 115 g)
Peccary (Tayassu pecari, 41 g).

Wallaby (Protemnodon rufogrisea, 28 g).

Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus, 5.2 g)

Rat (Rattus rattus, 2.6 g)
Mouse (Mus musculus, 0.5 g)

Countries and their Capitals

Countries and their Capitals

1 Afghanistan Kabul
2 Albania Tirane
3 Algeria Algiers
4 Andorra Andorra la Vella
5 Angola Luanda
6 Antigua and Barbuda Saint John’s
7 Argentina Buenos Aires
8 Armenia Yerevan
9 Australia Canberra
10 Austria Vienna
11 Azerbaijan Baku
12 The Bahamas Nassau
13 Bahrain Manama
14 Bangladesh Dhaka
15 Barbados Bridgetown
16 Belarus Minsk
17 Belgium Brussels
18 Belize Belmopan
19 Benin Porto-Novo
20 Bhutan Thimphu
21 Bolivia Sucre (constitutional );La Paz (administrative )
22 Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo
23 Botswana Gaborone
24 Brazil Brasilia
25 Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan
26 Bulgaria Sofia
27 Burkina Faso Ouagadougou
28 Burundi Bujumbura
29 Cambodia Phnom Penh
30 Cameroon Yaounde
31 Canada Ottawa
32 Cape Verde Praia
33 Central African Republic Bangui
34 Chad N’Djamena
35 Chile Santiago
36 China Beijing
37 Colombia Bogota
38 Comoros Moroni
39 Congo, Republic of the Brazzaville
40 Congo, Democratic Republic of the Kinshasa
41 Costa Rica San Jose
42 Cote d’Ivoire Yamoussoukro
43 Croatia Zagreb
44 Cuba Havana
45 Cyprus Nicosia
46 Czech Republic Prague
47 Denmark Copenhagen
48 Djibouti Djibouti
49 Dominica Roseau
50 Dominican Republic Santo Domingo
51 East Timor (Timor-Leste) Dili
52 Ecuador Quito
53 Egypt Cairo
54 El Salvador San Salvador
55 Equatorial Guinea Malabo
56 Eritrea Asmara
57 Estonia Tallinn
58 Ethiopia Addis Ababa
59 Fiji Suva
60 Finland Helsinki
61 France Paris
62 Gabon Libreville
63 The Gambia Banjul
64 Georgia Tbilisi
65 Germany Berlin
66 Ghana Accra
67 Greece Athens
68 Grenada Saint George’s
69 Guatemala Guatemala City
70 Guinea Conakry
71 Guinea-Bissau Bissau
72 Guyana Georgetown
73 Haiti Port-au-Prince
74 Honduras Tegucigalpa
75 Hungary Budapest
76 Iceland Reykjavik
77 India New Delhi
78 Indonesia Jakarta
79 Iran Tehran
80 Iraq Baghdad
81 Ireland Dublin
82 Israel Jerusalem*
83 Italy Rome
84 Jamaica Kingston
85 Japan Tokyo
86 Jordan Amman
87 Kazakhstan Astana
88 Kenya Nairobi
89 Kiribati Tarawa Atoll
90 Korea, North Pyongyang
91 Korea, South Seoul
92 Kosovo Pristina
93 Kuwait Kuwait City
94 Kyrgyzstan Bishkek
95 Laos Vientiane
96 Latvia Riga
97 Lebanon Beirut
98 Lesotho Maseru
99 Liberia Monrovia
100 Libya Tripoli
101 Liechtenstein Vaduz
102 Lithuania Vilnius
103 Luxembourg Luxembourg
104 Macedonia Skopje
105 Madagascar Antananarivo
106 Malawi Lilongwe
107 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
108 Maldives Male
109 Mali Bamako
110 Malta Valletta
111 Marshall Islands Majuro
112 Mauritania Nouakchott
113 Mauritius Port Louis
114 Mexico Mexico City
115 Micronesia, FederatedStates of Palikir
116 Moldova Chisinau
117 Monaco Monaco
118 Mongolia Ulaanbaatar
119 Montenegro Podgorica
120 Morocco Rabat
121 Mozambique Maputo
122 Myanmar (Burma) Naypyidaw
123 Namibia Windhoek
124 Nauru Yaren (de facto)
125 Nepal Kathmandu
126 Netherlands (Holland) Amsterdam
127 New Zealand Wellington
128 Nicaragua Managua
129 Niger Niamey
130 Nigeria Abuja
131 Norway Oslo
132 Oman Muscat
133 Pakistan Islamabad
134 Palau Melekeok
135 Panama Panama City
136 Papua New Guinea Port Moresby
137 Paraguay Asuncion
138 Peru Lima
139 Philippines Manila
140 Poland Warsaw
141 Portugal Lisbon
142 Qatar Doha
143 Romania Bucharest
144 Russia Moscow
145 Rwanda Kigali
146 Saint Kitts and Nevis Basseterre
147 Saint Lucia Castries
148 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Kingstown
149 Samoa Apia
150 San Marino San Marino
151 Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome
152 Saudi Arabia Riyadh
153 Senegal Dakar
154 Serbia Belgrade
155 Seychelles Victoria
156 Sierra Leone Freetown
157 Singapore Singapore
158 Slovakia Bratislava
159 Slovenia Ljubljana
160 Solomon Islands Honiara
161 Somalia Mogadishu
162 South Africa Pretoria (administrative ); Cape Town (legislative); Bloemfontein (judiciary)
163 Spain Madrid
164 Sri Lanka Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte (administrative ); Colombo (trade)
165 Sudan Khartoum
166 Suriname Paramaribo
167 Swaziland Mbabane(Administrative) / Lobamba (Royal and Legislative)
168 Sweden Stockholm
169 Switzerland Bern
170 Syria Damascus
171 Taiwan Taipei
172 Tajikistan Dushanbe
173 Tanzania Dodoma (administrative ); Dar es Salaam
174 Thailand Bangkok
175 Togo Lome
176 Tonga Nuku’alofa
177 Trinidad and Tobago Port-of-Spain
178 Tunisia Tunis
179 Turkey Ankara
180 Turkmenistan Ashgabat
181 Tuvalu Funafuti province
182 Uganda Kampala
183 Ukraine Kyiv
184 United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi
185 United Kingdom London
186 United States of America Washington D.C.
187 Uruguay Montevideo
188 Uzbekistan Tashkent
189 Vanuatu Port-Vila
190 Vatican City (Holy See) Vatican City
191 Venezuela Caracas
192 Vietnam Hanoi
193 Yemen Sanaa
194 Zambia Lusaka
195 Zimbabwe Harare


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

December 12: Top 10 Current Affairs

1. Legendary sitar maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar has died. He was 92.Ravi Shankar spearheaded the worldwide spread of Indian music and had a major influence on Western musicians.

2. India has 

successfully test-fired nuclear capable surface-to-surface Agni-I missile from the Wheeler island off Odishacoast in Bay of Bengal. Agni-I missile has a specialised navigation system which ensures it reaches the target with a high degree of accuracy and precision.

3. The Telecom Commission has approved a subsidy of 1500 crore rupees for supporting landline operations of BSNL in the rural areas.

4. United States has recognized the new Syrian opposition coalition as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people. The group has already been recognized by the GCC, France, Britain and Turkey.

5. In Egypt, the nationwide referendum over the new constitution will be held in two stages on 15th and 22nd of this month due to shortage of judges needed to oversee the process.

6. The United Nations has appealed for two billion dollars to fight cholera in Haiti. The Caribbean State has the world's worst cholera epidemic.

7. In Punjab, more than 45 per cent population of the state has been surveyed for early detection of Cancer and to bring awareness about the disease.

8. Pakistani microbiologist Mohammed Khalil Chishti has been acquitted by the Supreme Court of the murder charge in a 20-year-old criminal case and has been allowed to return to his native country without any restriction.

9. The Supreme Court has set up a high level committee headed by a retired judge of the Delhi High Court to recommend measures to provide timely help to road mishap victims in view of growing number of causalities in such accidents.

10. Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity has been conferred the prestigious Web Ratna 2012, ‘Golden Icon Award for Innovative use of Technology’.

Keyboard Shorcuts (Microsoft Windows)

Keyboard Shorcuts (Microsoft Windows)

1. CTRL+C (Copy)
2. CTRL+X (Cut)
...... 3. CTRL+V (Paste)
4. CTRL+Z (Undo)
5. DELETE (Delete)
6. SHIFT+DELETE (Delete the selected item permanently without placing the item in the Recycle Bin)
7. CTRL while dragging an item (Copy the selected item)
8. CTRL+SHIFT while dragging an item (Create a shortcut to the selected item)
9. F2 key (Rename the selected item)
10. CTRL+RIGHT ARROW (Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next word)
11. CTRL+LEFT ARROW (Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous word)
12. CTRL+DOWN ARROW (Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next paragraph)
13. CTRL+UP ARROW (Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous paragraph)
14. CTRL+SHIFT with any of the arrow keys (Highlight a block of text)
SHIFT with any of the arrow keys (Select more than one item in a window or on the desktop, or select text in a document)
15. CTRL+A (Select all)
16. F3 key (Search for a file or a folder)
17. ALT+ENTER (View the properties for the selected item)
18. ALT+F4 (Close the active item, or quit the active program)
19. ALT+ENTER (Display the properties of the selected object)
20. ALT+SPACEBAR (Open the shortcut menu for the active window)
21. CTRL+F4 (Close the active document in programs that enable you to have multiple documents opensimultaneou sly)
22. ALT+TAB (Switch between the open items)
23. ALT+ESC (Cycle through items in the order that they had been opened)
24. F6 key (Cycle through the screen elements in a window or on the desktop)
25. F4 key (Display the Address bar list in My Computer or Windows Explorer)
26. SHIFT+F10 (Display the shortcut menu for the selected item)
27. ALT+SPACEBAR (Display the System menu for the active window)
28. CTRL+ESC (Display the Start menu)
29. ALT+Underlined letter in a menu name (Display the corresponding menu) Underlined letter in a command name on an open menu (Perform the corresponding command)
30. F10 key (Activate the menu bar in the active program)
31. RIGHT ARROW (Open the next menu to the right, or open a submenu)
32. LEFT ARROW (Open the next menu to the left, or close a submenu)
33. F5 key (Update the active window)
34. BACKSPACE (View the folder onelevel up in My Computer or Windows Explorer)
35. ESC (Cancel the current task)
36. SHIFT when you insert a CD-ROMinto the CD-ROM drive (Prevent the CD-ROM from automatically playing)
Dialog Box - Keyboard Shortcuts
1. CTRL+TAB (Move forward through the tabs)
2. CTRL+SHIFT+TAB (Move backward through the tabs)
3. TAB (Move forward through the options)
4. SHIFT+TAB (Move backward through the options)
5. ALT+Underlined letter (Perform the corresponding command or select the corresponding option)
6. ENTER (Perform the command for the active option or button)
7. SPACEBAR (Select or clear the check box if the active option is a check box)
8. Arrow keys (Select a button if the active option is a group of option buttons)
9. F1 key (Display Help)
10. F4 key (Display the items in the active list)
11. BACKSPACE (Open a folder one level up if a folder is selected in the Save As or Open dialog box)

Microsoft Natural Keyboard Shortcuts
1. Windows Logo (Display or hide the Start menu)
2. Windows Logo+BREAK (Display the System Properties dialog box)
3. Windows Logo+D (Display the desktop)
4. Windows Logo+M (Minimize all of the windows)
5. Windows Logo+SHIFT+M (Restorethe minimized windows)
6. Windows Logo+E (Open My Computer)
7. Windows Logo+F (Search for a file or a folder)
8. CTRL+Windows Logo+F (Search for computers)
9. Windows Logo+F1 (Display Windows Help)
10. Windows Logo+ L (Lock the keyboard)
11. Windows Logo+R (Open the Run dialog box)
12. Windows Logo+U (Open Utility Manager)
13. Accessibility Keyboard Shortcuts
14. Right SHIFT for eight seconds (Switch FilterKeys either on or off)
15. Left ALT+left SHIFT+PRINT SCREEN (Switch High Contrast either on or off)
16. Left ALT+left SHIFT+NUM LOCK (Switch the MouseKeys either on or off)
17. SHIFT five times (Switch the StickyKeys either on or off)
18. NUM LOCK for five seconds (Switch the ToggleKeys either on or off)
19. Windows Logo +U (Open Utility Manager)
20. Windows Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts
21. END (Display the bottom of the active window)
22. HOME (Display the top of the active window)
23. NUM LOCK+Asterisk sign (*) (Display all of the subfolders that are under the selected folder)
24. NUM LOCK+Plus sign (+) (Display the contents of the selected folder)
25. NUM LOCK+Minus sign (-) (Collapse the selected folder)
26. LEFT ARROW (Collapse the current selection if it is expanded, or select the parent folder)
27. RIGHT ARROW (Display the current selection if it is collapsed, or select the first subfolder)
Shortcut Keys for Character Map
After you double-click a character on the grid of characters, you can move through the grid by using the keyboard shortcuts:
1. RIGHT ARROW (Move to the rightor to the beginning of the next line)
2. LEFT ARROW (Move to the left orto the end of the previous line)
3. UP ARROW (Move up one row)
4. DOWN ARROW (Move down one row)
5. PAGE UP (Move up one screen at a time)
6. PAGE DOWN (Move down one screen at a time)
7. HOME (Move to the beginning of the line)
8. END (Move to the end of the line)
9. CTRL+HOME (Move to the first character)
10. CTRL+END (Move to the last character)
11. SPACEBAR (Switch between Enlarged and Normal mode when a character is selected)
Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
Main Window Keyboard Shortcuts
1. CTRL+O (Open a saved console)
2. CTRL+N (Open a new console)
3. CTRL+S (Save the open console)
4. CTRL+M (Add or remove a console item)
5. CTRL+W (Open a new window)
6. F5 key (Update the content of all console windows)
7. ALT+SPACEBAR (Display the MMC window menu)
8. ALT+F4 (Close the console)
9. ALT+A (Display the Action menu)
10. ALT+V (Display the View menu)
11. ALT+F (Display the File menu)
12. ALT+O (Display the Favorites menu)

MMC Console Window Keyboard Shortcuts
1. CTRL+P (Print the current page or active pane)
2. ALT+Minus sign (-) (Display the window menu for the active console window)
3. SHIFT+F10 (Display the Action shortcut menu for the selected item)
4. F1 key (Open the Help topic, if any, for the selected item)
5. F5 key (Update the content of all console windows)
6. CTRL+F10 (Maximize the active console window)
7. CTRL+F5 (Restore the active console window)
8. ALT+ENTER (Display the Properties dialog box, if any, for theselected item)
9. F2 key (Rename the selected item)
10. CTRL+F4 (Close the active console window. When a console has only one console window, this shortcut closes the console)
Remote Desktop Connection Navigation
1. CTRL+ALT+END (Open the Microsoft Windows NT Security dialog box)
2. ALT+PAGE UP (Switch between programs from left to right)
3. ALT+PAGE DOWN (Switch between programs from right to left)
4. ALT+INSERT (Cycle through the programs in most recently used order)
5. ALT+HOME (Display the Start menu)
6. CTRL+ALT+BREAK (Switch the client computer between a window and a full screen)
7. ALT+DELETE (Display the Windows menu)
8. CTRL+ALT+Minus sign (-) (Place a snapshot of the active window in the client on the Terminal server clipboard and provide the same functionality as pressing PRINT SCREEN on a local computer.)
9. CTRL+ALT+Plus sign (+) (Place asnapshot of the entire client window area on the Terminal server clipboardand provide the same functionality aspressing ALT+PRINT SCREEN on a local computer.)

Microsoft Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts
1. CTRL+B (Open the Organize Favorites dialog box)
2. CTRL+E (Open the Search bar)
3. CTRL+F (Start the Find utility)
4. CTRL+H (Open the History bar)
5. CTRL+I (Open the Favorites bar)
6. CTRL+L (Open the Open dialog box)
7. CTRL+N (Start another instance of the browser with the same Web address)
8. CTRL+O (Open the Open dialog box,the same as CTRL+L)
9. CTRL+P (Open the Print dialog box)
10. CTRL+R (Update the current Web )



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